Azmara Cruise

What makes Azamara Club Cruises® different from everyone else? It’s our focus on Destination Immersion®—where longer stays, more overnights and night touring are included on 100% of our voyages. This means you get to explore everything from nightlife in Stockholm and morning walks in the French Riviera to all-day adventures in Costa Rica’s rain forests. Because life isn’t on a 9 to 5 schedule, and neither are Azamara voyages.

You’ll also experience incredibly scenic waterways and prime docking locations—two great advantages of our boutique-style award-winning ships. Here you’ll find people who are genuinely friendly and happy to make you feel welcomed, and with a maximum of 686 guests, staff and crew can quickly learn your name, tastes, and preferences, too. Plus you’ll enjoy lots of inclusive amenities that will leave money in your wallet and put a smile on your face. We’re the voyage for those who love travel.

For the first time we have introduced exciting river-and-ocean cruise packages where your guest can combine two popular ways to discover Europe in one seamless vacation experience. The 11 new river-and-ocean cruise packages offer guests the opportunity to explore Europe far and wide by way of four well-known rivers – the Danube, Rhine, Rhone and Seine – and then by sea onboard a breathtaking Celebrity cruise around the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Russia, Turkey and other destinations. Additionally new itineraries with more overnight stays in exotic destinations give guests the chance for a truly immersive experience, as do a variety of ‘themed voyages’ visiting the Cannes Film Festival and the British Open.

Sailing to fascinating ports across the globe with 2 intimate ships, Azamara Club Cruises offers its award-winning service, inclusive luxurious amenities, immersive experiences and exclusive AzAmazing Evenings at various destinations. Azamara Club Cruises continues to deliver on its commitment of Longer Stays, More Overnights and Night Touring.